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I help companies grow their brand awareness, curate loyal fanbases, and deliver exceptional client experiences. My approach is three-fold:


➀ BUSINESS-LED: In 2016, I co-founded a marketing collective to complement my full-time work. Throughout my career, I have made a habit of repeated promotions because I am entrepreneurially minded. As an entrepreneur and business owner, I am consistently thinking about how my work ties to the consumer experience and revenue growth.

➁ CREATIVE INSIGHTS: I am a creative at heart who originally attended art school before finding a home in branding and marketing. My creative insights allow me to define and execute creative ideas that are new and innovative while also realistic and highly tactical. I am just as comfortable thinking about a brand’s vision and positioning as I am getting into the weeds of GTM strategy and social media optimization.

➂ DATA & ANALYTICS: I leverage research, data, and analytics to inform my strategy and decision-making. As a psychology graduate, I am not only skilled at conducting in-depth research but also professionally trained to understand how people make business decisions.


You will be in good hands!


When not building and marketing brands, you will find me practicing yoga, trying new family recipes, or honing my coding skills.

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